Welcome to Katie Para Rider

Welcome to Katie Para Rider

Welcome to Katie Para RiderWelcome to Katie Para RiderWelcome to Katie Para Rider

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Hi everyone 👋

My name is Katie and I am 12 years old. I was born with a permanent disability Cerebral Palsy. I have little use of my right hand and arm with weakness down my right leg.
This is who I am and it has and will never stop me from being who i am and want to be in the further. 

I come from a equestrian jumping family but with not knowing anyone else with my disability back home in Ireland I never got the hang of riding independently. Since we moved over to the UK I have been induced to RDA ( Riding for the disabled ) and I have never looked back.  This is only the beginning 😉


Highwood Easter Surprise ( Boo )

Back about a year and half ago we found the most amazing horse that was just made for me. I had never been off the lead rein so we needed a horse that was totally bombproof who was going to give me all the confidence in the world.
Boo is now a 8 year old 15h Irish sport horse cross angel with four legs 😂 Anyone who comes into contact with Boo falls head over heals and want to run away with her. She has NEVER done any form of ground work training but is just working like she has been doing dressage as a foal. After a few months of riding together we decided to start competing 🙈 And again we have not looked back 🥰 Just this last week boo went for her first booth camp with Gemma Dullek and has came on so fast. Gemma will continue to school boo each week all very exciting.
We have been getting placed at nearly ever able body show we have entered and done amazing well at last years RDA Championships at Hartbury. For our first year we have done so much and it’s only the beginning 😊


Social events

Blue Peter 2019 ( Rda 50th anniversary )

I was very honored to be ask to ride boo up at the media city on the blue peter garden. Clare Balding was just lovely and it was just amazing to ride live on air while Clare comment. Something I will never forget 💕

Country File with Sophie Christiansen ( RDA )

I was Over the moon to meet the amazing Sophie and to just think she won her first Olympic gold medal at the age of 16 which fingers and toes crossed I hope to follow in her foot steps. We had a lovely chat on screen for country file and off screen she was just a kind. ❤️ truly inspirational woman 🥰

Sponsors needed


Current Sponsorships

I am very lucky to have amazing sponsors both 

Equine America

I have been giving a 10% discount code for all my lovely followers use KATIEH10 😘

I am always on the lookout for sponsorships as everyone will know anything to do with equestrian is VERY expensive. If you feel you would like to get involved with a up and coming star 😉😆 please feel free to get in contact with use her at Katie para rider 


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